Originally from a town called Glossop at the edge of Derbyshire, very close to Manchester, Michael Coult starting playing the tin whistle aged 7. Growing up he followed in the wake of his elders in Manchester’s ever thriving traditional music community. He was originally taught by the great tin whistle and banjo player Angela Usher and also by Uilleann piper Mick Horan. Heavily inspired by his teachers and other luminaries from Manchester’s traditional music community, Coult developed his musicality. He took up traditional Irish flute at the age of 12, inspired by the music of the great duo Michael McGoldrick and Dezi Donnelly and later Matt Molloy along with various other greats of the Irish tradition. A little later in his teens he turned his hand to bodhrán and guitar. Since then he has focused heavily on flutes and whistles but still plays regularly as an accompanist of Irish music and is an exponent of the ‘Open D’ tuning.


Coult moved over to Ireland at the age of 18 to pursue an academic degree in Traditional Irish Music and Dance at the University of Limerick and moved down to the Dingle Peninsula of West Kerry in early 2020. During his time at University he was exposed to a wealth of the historical and social context surrounding Irish music and dance. He had the opportunity to perform alongside the Chieftains in the University concert hall during his time in UL and also took part in an Ethnic music exchange where he learned music from different traditional music cultures from all over the world. During his university years Coult also got the opportunity to study at Newcastle upon Tyne where he studied other folk music traditions of the British isles and Indian traditional music on an Erasmus exchange with the Folk and Traditional Music BA in the University of Newcastle. 


Michael has spent the last 10 years on the road with various productions and bands. After years of touring as a band member with different Irish dance productions, including the great 100% live dance production ‘Celtic Legends’, Michael founded traditional Irish/Scottish group ‘The Recollective’ and recorded and toured their self titled CD. Having known Ciarán Bolger from his days of touring with ‘Celtic Legends’, Michael came on board as a permanent member in 2019, having played their debut gigs in Germany with them back in 2014.


Ciarán Bolger is an entertainer, singer and guitarist from Garraí Ard in the village of Ardmore in Connemara. Learning whistle and traditional sean-nós singing at a young age, Ciarán developed a love and respect for the music tradition of Connemara. Focusing on guitar in his teens, Ciarán explored a mixture of traditional and contemporary music. This exploration has formed the basis for his emotive vocals and also his vibrant and expressive guitar style; drawing inspiration from a multitude of genres.


After studying Primary Teaching in Limerick, Ciarán spent some time teaching before taking up a residency commitment at Raglan Road Irish Pub in Downtown Disney, Disney World Orlando with his band “The West Coast Trio”. Since then, he has spent many years performing and touring professionally with bands and Irish music and dance shows.


Ciarán has toured in over a dozen countries with acclaimed Irish Music and Dance Show, Celtic Legends, performing in some of the most prestigious venues in Paris, Rio De Janeiro, Geneva and across the globe.


Following the release of HighTime’s debut album SUNDA in 2018, Ciarán embarked on a significant touring schedule with the band; performing as part of the long running Irish Spring Tour of Germany. This allowed Ciarán to bring the music of Connemara to some of Germany’s best known theatres and concert venues; most notably Passionskirche in Berlin, Dreikonigskirche in Dresden and Cafe Hahn in Koblenz. 


An extensive year of touring in 2019 saw Ciarán perform on the east and west coast of the USA; bringing HighTime’s intriguing blend of modern folk influences and ancient Irish music to the American audience for the first time. The combination of theatre shows and festival shows allowed Ciarán to express his passion for songs and the music of Connemara.


Ciarán has amassed a repertoire of unusual and rare ballads, stories and songs from the folk traditions of Ireland, the U.K, Canada and U.S.A. He is a natural entertainer and storyteller; always keeping the story and soul of the song as a guiding light.



Séamus Ó Flatharta’s skills in music, song and dance reflect his personality. He meets each discipline with a passion and immense enthusiasm backed up by a love of the traditional Irish music heritage. Born into a family steeped in the Irish tradition, it wasn’t long before Séamus got his eager hands on the Tin Whistle, learning to play his first piece of music at the age of 4, before developing into an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer and Irish Dancer.


Since the age of 16, he has been making waves in the fields of music song and dance across the globe; performing in China, The USA, Canada, The United Kingdom and throughout mainland Europe. He is highly sought after for his versatility and skill in each of his disciplines, and has been seen performing alongside many groups and ensembles throughout the years. Although his career has been brief thus far, he has had the privilege of performing alongside accomplished artists such as Bill Whelan, Zoe Conway, Cherish the Ladies, Danny O’Mahony, John Sheahan and The RTÉ Concert Orchestra. Séamus has performed at prestigious festivals across the globe, most recently as a guest of Cherish the Ladies at the renowned “Celtic Connections” at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in 2017 & 2019.


Accumulating an outstanding 23 All Ireland Titles at Fleadh Cheoil na Éireann, Séamus has performed alongside the finest ambassadors of Irish Music on numerous tours including “The Irish Spring Festival of Irish Folk Music” , “The Danceperados of Ireland” and The Comhaltas Concert Tour “Echoes of Erin”. For all that he is young, Séamus has contributed to numerous albums and has made regular television and radio appearances to date.


Séamus is one of the few of his age responsible for maintaining the oldest style of Irish singing. “Sean-nós” or “Old-Style” singing, an ancient form of decorative Irish song, is of huge importance to him. He shares this art form with pride wherever he goes, delivering haunting renditions of Irish folklore to attentive audiences, far and wide. Séamus also enjoys exploring more modern styles of singing and has spent a lot of his time honing this craft. A keen multi-instrumentalist, Séamus has entertained audiences around the world with displays of rhythmic dance, compelling vocals and vibrant music.